‘There was always good food and good mood: this is how I grew up’. Gabriela is the grand daughter of a skilled cook grand mother. ‘At that time women was supposed to stay home with the kids cooking for the family, and that she did so well! My grandmother was making wedding cakes for friends and family. It was all homemade and it was so good! She had some signature flavours that she liked very much. I think my baking passion comes from watching her master her kitchen like no one else.’  

Gabriela is a brazilian fashion designer stablished in Oslo for over a decade. After seeking a fashion career in Norway during the first years, she found joy in mixing ingredients and transforming cakes into new combinations of flavours and textures. ‘Like in fashion, I get the freedom do create the colours, textures and shapes I want in cakes”.  In the kitchen she brings together some mixture of worldwide flavours into delicious creations! I get inspired by the simplicity of a mouth watering chocolate cake as well as the exciting  combination of spices and aromas.